Thursday, 3 February 2011

Stable version Code_Saturne 2.0.1 is released

I am glad to let you know that the production release version Code_Saturne 2.0.1 can be downloaded from

I am curious that all the source code were packaged into zip format. When trying to compile the source code, unfortunately, an error could occur as

:/$ ./configure
Error: permission denied
# the solution
:/$ chmod +x configure

The easy solution is modifying the attributes of the configure file.

By this I succeeded to compile bft package; however when compiling fvm, I have got another error shown as

checking for bft version >= "1.0.0"... configure: error: in `/home/wu/saturne_packages/version 2.0.1/fvm-0.15.2':
configure: error: compatible bft version not found

I checked and found that the "make install" script of bft didn't install proper header files into the destination directory (by default, /usr/local/include). I guess this is a bug to fix, though the headers can also be copied manually.

I didn't try the rest of the compilation yet.


  1. By compiling and defining all the folders, I have no problem like this :
    cd fvm-0.15.2
    chmod a+x configure
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/code_saturne-2.0.1/lib/fvm-0.15.2 --with-bft=/opt/code_saturne-2.0.1/lib/bft-1.1.4 --with-cgns=/opt/code_saturne-2.0.1/lib/cgnslib-2.54 --with-mpi=/opt/code_saturne-2.0.1/lib/openmpi-1.4.3

    all command lines used at :

  2. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for your comments, and your interesting instruction on Mandriva.

    Do you mean on Mandriva there is no problem? I found in Ubuntu, no bft header file was copied into the /usr/local/include, and thus failed to configure fvm.

    I will check again.

    Best regards,

  3. Hi all! To build Code Saturne 2.0.1 you must edit file src/fvm_to_cgns.h:
    1) add #include "fvm_file.h" at the beginning of the file.
    2) search and replace string MODE_WRITE to FVM_FILE_MODE_WRITE. Today I done this and successfully built Code Saturne.

  4. Thanks a lot Roman, I would try and report. Do you see big improvement in this stable version?

    Best regards,

  5. Hi Salad!
    Do you see big improvement in this stable version?
    I didn't see big improvement. To my mind, 2.0-rc2 was more stable then 2.0.1. In "stable" version permanently appears some errors.

    For my computations I prefer to use OpenFOAM:
    * Salome for geometry creating;
    * Netgen (standalone program) for mesh creating;
    * polyDualMesh (OpenFOAM utility) for conversion tetrahedral mesh to polyhedral;
    * and OpenFOAM for computation.

  6. Thanks a lot Roman, it is very useful information to know :) Probably that is why 2.0.1 was not officially announced; I didn't receive any email notification about this version.

    I am interested in your using OpenFOAM. Can you share more ideas on why to use it rather than Code_Saturne? Comparison between two software would be interesting. I would also be interested in trying OpenFOAM as a verification.

    I know polyhedral grid is becoming more and more popular. What is your reason to use it for?

    Many thanks.

    Best regards,

  7. Hi Salad!

    >Can you share more ideas on why to use it rather than Code_Saturne?

    I prefer OpenFOAM more than Code Saturne because is has a large number of tools for pre- and postprocessing. With this tools OpenFOAM supports a large number of mesh types and output data formats. And, to my mind, command line interface is more powerful than GUI (if you have some skills of work with it :) ).

    > I know polyhedral grid is becoming more and more popular. What is your reason to use it for?

    I think that calculation with polyhedral grids is faster than with tetrahedral grids but a little slower than with hexahedral (my own experience). Because high quality hexahedral mesh generators are proprietary I use polyhedral meshes.

  8. Did you manage to install v2.0.1 into OpenSuse? I am having problems!

    This is the error shown when "make" of the ncs:

    raypun.f90:(.text+0x453): undefined reference to `_gfortran_st_write_done'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make[3]: *** [] Error 1

  9. Hi Rupolez,

    Unfortunately I am not a user of OpenSUSE, but I suspect it was due to you lack of some gfortran packages. Can you try to search for the symbol _gfortran_st_write_done, identify in which library it should be in and try to install the corresponding package and see if it solves the problem?

    Good luck :)

    Best regards,

  10. That's incredible job Salad! I tried and it worked great for me. Many many thank to you. I will surely tell about it to my friends as well.
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