Thursday, 3 February 2011

Stable version Code_Saturne 2.0.1 is released

I am glad to let you know that the production release version Code_Saturne 2.0.1 can be downloaded from

I am curious that all the source code were packaged into zip format. When trying to compile the source code, unfortunately, an error could occur as

:/$ ./configure
Error: permission denied
# the solution
:/$ chmod +x configure

The easy solution is modifying the attributes of the configure file.

By this I succeeded to compile bft package; however when compiling fvm, I have got another error shown as

checking for bft version >= "1.0.0"... configure: error: in `/home/wu/saturne_packages/version 2.0.1/fvm-0.15.2':
configure: error: compatible bft version not found

I checked and found that the "make install" script of bft didn't install proper header files into the destination directory (by default, /usr/local/include). I guess this is a bug to fix, though the headers can also be copied manually.

I didn't try the rest of the compilation yet.