Sunday, 24 April 2011

Next SALOME version 6.3.0 due in May 2011

According to David's message on the SALOME forum, the next major release of SALOME will be SALOME v6.3.0 and the planned release date is May 2011. [1]

Part of the improvements and features this new version will bring to us can be referred from [2], listed as
  • Automatic meshing of boundary layers
  • SMESH: Histogram of the quality controls
  • Option Single/Multi file dump
  • "RemoveFromStudy" Function
  • Hide/Show Icon (as in paraview)
  • GEOM: Performance enhanced when manipulating large models
  • SMESH: Mesh common borders
  • SMESH: detection of over-constrained elements
  • SMESH: create a new mesh from a selected group or from selected elements
  • SMESH: Create a clipping plane on several groups
Additionally the MED library version will be 3.0. This is a major change since the API is not compatible with the previous version. This version will read MED files of both format 2.2 and 3.0 and will write format 3.0.

In version 6.3.0 it will be possible to define viscous layer (inflation layers in ANSYS) [3]. It will be defined as an additional hypothesis for the 3D algorithms Netgen, GHS3D and Hexahedron, and the parameters will include:
  • Total thickness
  • Number of layers
  • Stretch factor
The example of viscous layers defined on tetra and hexa meshes, David posted on the SALOME forum, is

Certainly there will also be lots of bug fixes. We are absolutely enthusiastic with the new version and looking forward to its release.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Share interesting stories

Life is not only CFD and there is no clear divisions in life either. I like to share interesting things which I have been looking at; would you be interested in them also?

1. This Tech Bubble Is Different

I have been a programmer for years and I still have a clear idea on the internet bubble around 2000. Time flies and shortly after that one, we are in a next bubble which involves Facebook, Twitter and Groupon etc. If you like computer and internet technology, probably this article from Bloomberg would interest you.

This Tech Bubble Is Different

2. Business owner casts reasonable doubt on accuracy of speed cameras

Computation is not only in research. I like the smart guy in this piece of news; how about you?

Business owner casts reasonable doubt on accuracy of speed cameras

Monday, 18 April 2011

You may like a blog presented in this way

Can you have a try to access Free your CFD via the link below

Is it fancy?

These dynamic views brought by Google include Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide. For more details you can refer to Dynamic Views for Readers.