Saturday, 5 November 2011

Code_Saturne 2.1.0 has been released

On 31 Oct, 2011, Code_Saturne 2.1.0 (intermediate version) has been released and is available for downloading. The details of the new features are described on the corresponding news page.

The selective major features include:
  • Packaging: Code_Saturne is now provided as a single package, grouping all existing libraries (BFT, FVM, MEI, libsyrcs). It also includes preliminary source code for SALOME plugin (CFDSTUDY module and Code_Aster coupling).
  • Code coupling: Code_Saturne 2.1 can be coupled with SYRTHES 4.0.0-10 (at least). SYRTHES 4.0 is a complete rewrite of SYRTHES 3.4 with many new features and should shortly be released. Code_Saturne 2.1 also contains preliminary code for Code_Aster coupling (more to come on this topic in next versions).
  • User interface: both the script user interface and the graphical user interface have been simplified and completed to enhance user experience. Just give a try to the new runcase script (and its Python overloading) and to the new features of the graphical interface (more to come also on this topic in next versions).
  • New mesh readers: Code_Saturne pre- and post- processing has been updated to support CGNS 3.1 and MED 3.0 format. MED 3.0 is compatible with SALOME 6.3.
  • Documentation: the user manual has been slightly improve and a Doxygen documentation of the sources is now available. An installation manual is now provided too.
  • Configuration: a configuration file can be completed, either globally or by user, to setup some runtime options like the scratch directory, an optional mesh database or SYRTHES 4.0 version to be used.
  • Automatic V&V: a tool for automatic run of Code_Saturne has been developped, enabling the user to automatically run simulations, plot graphs and receive a PDF report by e-mail. It can be very useful for automatic Verification & Validation, though it is still in the very early stage of development.