Wednesday, 14 December 2011

NVIDIA Opens Up CUDA Platform by Releasing Compiler Source Code

NVIDIA today announced that it will provide the source code for the new NVIDIA® CUDA® LLVM-based compiler to academic researchers and software-tool vendors, enabling them to more easily add GPU support for more programming languages and support CUDA applications on alternative processor architectures.

"Opening up the CUDA platform is a significant step," said Sudhakar Yalamanchili, professor at Georgia Institute of Technology and lead of the Ocelot project, which maps software written in CUDA C to different processor architectures. "The future of computing is heterogeneous, and the CUDA programming model provides a powerful way to maximize performance on many different types of processors, including AMD GPUs and Intel x86 CPUs."

The full article is at

NVIDIA Opens Up CUDA Platform by Releasing Compiler Source Code

Otherwise refer to the article at HPCwire:

NVIDIA Opens Up CUDA Compiler

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