Saturday, 11 June 2011

SALOME version 6.3.0 is released

In the good news, CEA/DEN, EDF R&D and OPEN CASCADE are pleased to announce SALOME version 6.3.0. It is a public release that contains the results of planned major and minor improvements and bug fixes against SALOME version 5.1.5 released in December 2010.

SALOME version 6.3.0 provides the results of the porting of SALOME to the newer versions of 3rd party pre-requisite products.

In addition, SALOME 6.3.0 includes several new modules:

  • PARAVIS (new post-processing module based on Kitware’s ParaView application)
  • HEXABLOCK (hexahedral meshing by creating of a model of the blocks)
  • HOMARD (the adaptation of the mesh generated by the Homard solver for the SALOME platform)
  • New sample modules and tutorials

This new release of SALOME introduces new features and improvements:

  • New Geometry operations
    • Create edge by length
    • Create vertex by length
    • Improved "Sub-shapes selection" dialog box
    • Analytical curve definition
    • Glue edges
    • Projection
    • Unpublish objects
  • New Mesh operations
    • Copy mesh
    • Convert to/from quadratic on sub-meshes
  • New Mesh controls
    • Over-constrained faces / volumes
    • Bare border faces / volumes
    • Element diameter 2D / 3D
  • New Mesh hypotheses and algorithms
    • Viscous layers
    • Advanced size maps in BLSurf
    • Enforced meshes with Ghs3D
    • Use existing 1D / 2D elements
  • Controls Distribution operations in Mesh module: plot in 2D viewer, show histogram in 3D viewer, dump to the file
  • Improved behavior of clipping planes in Mesh module
  • Mesh measurements: Minimum distance, Bounding box
  • Preview on most of Geometry and Mesh operations
  • Visibility icons in the Object browser
  • New view operations
    • Rotate view 90° clockwise / counterclockwise
    • Zoom at point
  • Dump study to the single Python script file
  • And more ... see SALOME 6.3.0 Release Notes for details

The latest installation packages can be retrieved from the official download page, and pre-compiled binaries are also available.

For Ubuntu users it is recommended to download the latest package for Debian 6.0 Squeeze; although there is only a 64 bit version, why not take the chance to upgrade to 64 bit? For other Ubuntu distributions, in detail David suggested downloading packages for

  • Ubuntu 9.04: Debian 4.0 Etch or 5.0 Lenny
  • Ubuntu 9.10: Debian 4.0 Etch or 5.0 Lenny
  • Ubuntu 10.04: Debian 5.0 Lenny or 6.0 Squeeze
  • Ubuntu 10.10: Debian 5.0 Lenny or 6.0 Squeeze
  • Ubuntu 11.04: Debian 6.0 Squeeze


  1. Hi!
    Tell me please how to enable HEXABLOCK module? Today I installed the 6.3-x86_64, but Hexablock's icon doesn't present in Salome's toolbar.

  2. @Roman

    Open ~/.SalomeApprc. and add the following lines


  3. SALOME version 6.3.0 is released. You can see the details and features in this post. The latest advancements are also mentioned. I get lot of information from your post. Your efforts can be seen in your work. Thanks for doing such wonderful work.

  4. @Alex: can you please re-write your comment. The lines which to add in SalomeApprc. disappeared from the blog.
    I have the exact same problem as Roman and have no idea how to fix

  5. @Alex

    Yes, please share the lines again. Unfortunately this comment system doesn't support HTML format and you need to use plain text.