Monday, 7 December 2009

SALOME, on the way to cross-platform

SALOME running on Mac OS X

Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac machine and thus I didn't get any experience on a Mac, because of its big price :(. However, I do suggest you read here if you want to use SALOME on Mac OS X. There is also a nice picture which might bring some hope if you are facing problems.

SALOME version 5.1.2 for Windows platform

Although I knew SALOME was ported onto Windows platform, I didn't try, because regarding such a huge and complicated software package, I don't expect more. However, I also admit that if the Windows version can run well, it is significantly helpful to those who are not familiar with Linux enough. Then I tried this Windows version and, surprisingly, found it works like a charm. Python, C/C++, QT and all of the cross-platform languages and libraries do give us an option to create programs which is compatible with both Linux and Windows simultaneously. It is totally awesome.

Ok, let's look at this SALOME for Windows. From

the zip package (and a patch file) can be downloaded. Unpack the package to wherever you like, run the bat file release\salome.bat, and SALOME will be launched. Its appearance is exactly the same as in Linux. I tried to load a python script I previously wrote. It worked very well.

The patch file should be copied to the directory release\modules\KERNEL_INSTALL\bin\salome.

Do you want a go?

SALOME version 5.1.3 for tests on Windows

SALOME version 5.1.3 is recently released by CEA/DEN, EDF R&D and OPEN CASCADE on 14th Dec. 2009. As mentioned, it is a public maintenance release that contains planned major and minor improvements plus bug fixes against SALOME version 5.1.2. Read the news for more details and the download page is here.

According to the message published on the SALOME forum, A SALOME 5.1.3 for tests on Windows came to be available on 18th Dec. 2009. The download address is still at The previous version 5.1.2 was moved to the directory "old". Addtionally, a list of known problems can be found at

Probably, for those who are looking forward to using SALOME on Windows, screenshots could bring more pleasant surprises. The screenshots below were taken from Windows 7.

You can also compile SALOME on windows if you like. See a howto at


  1. Couldn't get 5.1.3 to work, running the batch file just produces a lot of "could not find the file specified." I tried modifying the batch files and replacing the SET SID with %CD% (since %SID% is really the current directory). Did you modify the batch files in any way to get them to work?

  2. I didn't modify the batch file (release\salome.bat). Launching the batch file did produce an error at the beginning, saying that "The system cannot find the path specified." and "Configure parser: Warning : could not find user configuration file", but I ignored them and everything went very well. After read your comments I tried again and didn't find any exceptions. I am using 5.1.3 as well but unfortunately haven't update this post yet. I will do it as soon as possible.

    By trying my python script I think the geometry and mesh modules worked well but the post-processing module produced an error "Warning: KERNEL GUI resources are not found. KERNEL GUI will not be available.".

    Happy to communicate :)

  3. Thanks salad. It seems to work okay on my computer at work, it would not run on Vista on my netbook at home though. No idea why. SALOME usually encounters a segfault on the Linux version on that same netbook so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

  4. Ok. Do you think it is limited by the memory capacity or other resources? I don't have a netbook but I guess SALOME might be too heavy for a netbook. :)

  5. I heard the particular segmentation fault is caused by a graphics issue. My netbook has 2GB of RAM so I don't think it's that. I think it's just the cruddy integrated graphics.

  6. I think so. It is difficult for a netbook to have a separated graphic card.

  7. Hi there, I am a Fan of Salome here, too. Did someone check if the windows version is compatible with 64 bit Windows 7 ?

  8. Hi,

    I am using Windows 7 32 bit. It works well, as shown in the screenshots I pasted. However I didn't check with 64 bit Windows 7 yet :( I also appreciate if someone can report his/her test result here.

    Best regards,

  9. What does it mean - for tests? Is SALOME on Windows ready to be the foundation of commercial CAE package?

  10. Hi Goodrone,

    The msg is a bit outdated. At that moment 5.1.3 was just released; nowadays you can try 5.1.4 or wait for the coming 5.1.5.

    Best regards,

  11. Please confirm if you are able to run Salome V6.6.0 or V7.3.2 on Win7 32-Bit Machine.
    I'm not able to make it run. :(