Friday, 24 July 2009

Installation of ParaView 3.6.1 on Ubuntu 9.04

Actually you can install ParaView with apt-get on Ubuntu 9.04 (should also be true for older versions than 9.04). However, probably this ParaView isn't the latest version.

:/$ sudo apt-get install paraview

If we want to use the latest version, please fetch the binary package from here. Up to now the latest version is 3.6.1. In terms of the Linux version, 3.6.1, 157 MB, is much bigger than the previous 3.4.0, 44.5 MB. The Windows version is smaller.

After you obtain the package paraview-3.6.1-Linux32-x86.tar.gz please just unpack it into any directory you prefer. Ship into paraview-3.6.1-Linux32-x86/bin/ and execute "paraview" to run the software.

An easier way is add paraview-3.6.1-Linux32-x86/bin/ to your $PATH variable, and then you can run paraview from anywhere.

By the way, as previously mentioned, ParaView is a cross-platform application, i.e. it is also possible to install ParaView on Windows and Macintosh OS. It would be beneficial if you are using a remote UNIX computer to do the calculation work and prefer to show and analyse the calculation results obtained on your Windows desktop.


  1. Have you installed client paraview? Do you know how to connect client paraview to paraview server? if you know can you help me do that? Thank for any help!


  2. Hi tram,

    I understand what you mean. However I didn't install a client ParaView, as I use ParaView independently without connecting to a server.

    Unfortunately I am only be able to suggest you to go through the manual since there should be some tips. Good luck :)

    Best regards,